Moriartys -- Minor News from Guatemala

Dear friends of Kent & Ann Moriarty,

Here are some bits of news related to me by Kent's mom Roddie on Sunday 1 March 1998:

Kent & Ann are staying in Antigua, Guatemala, with a woman they found via some missionary connections. She's a grandmotherly type and is connected with the Spanish language school that Kent & Ann are attending. They plan to stay with her until Friday 20 March.

The cast on Kent's broken wrist was changed on Monday 23 February. It was good to have a new cast; his first cast (from his fingers to above his elbow) was making his fingers swell. Now the pain has diminished and Kent can sleep at night. The break appeared to be healing well.

Ann's back injury appears to be muscular in nature, and is still healing.

Kent & Ann still intend to finish the trip on a tandem bicycle. They're working with some of their contacts to get their equipment replaced. They've obtained one corporate sponsorship to supply some equipment, but more is needed.

Internet access is readily available in Antigua (but perhaps costly). They've been receiving and answering email regularly. I've been hearing from them about once per week. On one occasion, their normal email provider was responding extremely slowly, so they used our backup channel (the private Web page on which I post emails addressed to them). The moral is that it's best to send their email to me, so I can forward it to them via several routes.

They've read all the email that I've received for them through Saturday 28 February.

-- Phil Davidson

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