Moriartys -- Update from Guatemala

From Ann & Kent in Antigua, Guatemala, Friday 20 March 1998:

Hey family and friends! We promise we haven't dropped off into a volcano's crater or anything ... we are alive and well and continuing to heal and, and, and

Health: Kent's cast is off and he's doing strengthening exercises. Looks like a wimpy arm but is getting stronger daily. Ann's back is healing a lot slower than she'd like. Went to a massage therapist person and am experiencing extreme pain during sessions but afterwards, it's better. He said that she should be able to ride.

Bike: The Pedaler in El Sobrante has agreed to work with us and give us wonderful deals. If you have a chance to do business with any bike shop, not only are they great, they really know what they're doing. Also, Cannondale is giving us a bike for a good price; don't know about the color (can you tell Ann is writing this? -- color?), but what can you do? Kent is working his butt off trying to get changes made -- it's been hard communicating through email and long-distance phone calls! We are hoping someone will be flying down to Guate about the time we need the bike and will take a bribe to take it with them.

Antigua: The city is pretty Western which makes it comfortable for us but sometimes a little weird. We couldn't have asked for a better place to heal up, though and certainly aren't complaining. Finished four weeks of Spanish school and had a great time. We recommend "La Union" school to anyone coming down. Also, we're moving into a missions "compound" (not like the Branch Davidian compound) for a group called Students International -- a group we're looking forward to getting to know better. They do a lot of technology, education and health type of work in the area and host groups of interested high and college students. Ann isn't looking forward to meeting kids again, but then again, she doesn't really fit in the toilets division. Antigua is getting ready to celebrate Easter festivities -- processions and carpets of flowers and such in the streets. A really interesting time to be here.

Well, our time is up. The dispatch will be sent next week -- sorry, it's going to be looooong -- we won't feel hurt if you skim the pages!

We miss you all and appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Also PLEEEEEAse: SEND ANY EMAIL BACK TO THE PHILDAVIDSON@COMPUSERVE.COM address. Otherwise we pay a lot to get your letters. Thanks!

Love, Ann and Kent

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