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24 June 1998

Dear friends of Ann and Kent Moriarty,

Last Saturday 20 June 1998 they sent a brief note from Medellín, Colombia. They had flown from Panamá to Cartagena on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Now they were enjoying the mountains as a respite from the tropical lowland heat and humidity. They were traveling with four other cyclists. They were planning to depart Medellín on Monday 22 June for Cali further south in the mountains. (It appears to me that they were not planning to visit Bogotá, but this might be incorrect.)

Email blackout coming: Between Sunday 5 July and Sunday 12 July I will not be able to forward your emails to Ann and Kent. Your emails will just wait in my mailbox to be forwarded on 12 July. If Ann and Kent have an alternative to recommend, we will let you know.

-- Phil Davidson

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