Moriartys -- Note from Coyhaique, Chile

Ann and Kent Moriarty sent this note on Saturday 6 February 1999.

Dear Family and Friends,

We are still happily cycling along, slowing down, perhaps subconsciously putting off the inevitable end! This part of the world is incredibly beautiful. We are currently in the town of Coyhaique in southern Chile and will cross over into Argentina tomorrow at Lago Buenos Aires to ride the dreaded, desolate, wind-swept Ruta 40 to the south. As it looks now, we plan about 4-5 weeks until Ushuaia and then a bit more travelling around the area before returning to Santiago and flying to the US in March or early April.

We will be in mostly really small towns and do not anticipate access to email so those of you who have written, we probably won't be able to respond. We do appreciate more than anything your correspondence; looking for internet access has always been one of our top priorities coming into any town of any size!

Pray for us and think of us whenever you feel any breezes (multiply the breeze by 100 and that will probably be what we are experiencing as a head wind or side wind! Yikes!)

Take care and God Bless!

Ann and Kent

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