Philip Davidson

Senior Software Engineer

Ten years experience in Microsoft Windows development teams producing consumer software using the Visual Studio environment in C++ and C.

Product development experience includes researching existing code; proposing technical designs; creating and meeting schedules; completing code without disrupting existing code; performing all phases of library creation; and diagnosing, documenting, and fixing bugs.

Served as lead engineer on Broderbundís Calendar Creator 8 and 9; contributed to Calendar Creator 10 while improving graphics performance in The Print Shop 20.


Mattel Interactive/The Learning Company/Broderbund/Riverdeep   1999 - 2003
Novato, California
Contractor, Senior Engineer
•    Served as lead engineer on Calendar Creator 8 and 9; used Visual C++ and MFC.
Improved print rendering performance in The Print Shop 20.
Added functionality to PrintMaster 11, The Print Shop 12 and 15, and Calendar Creator 10.
Contributed to Kid Pix Deluxe 3 using a Windows/Macintosh cross-platform framework and STL.

Contract programmer   1999
•    Ported much of Blaise Computingís C TOOLS PLUS, an MS-DOS text mode windowing library, to Windows NT console mode.

The Software Toolworks/Mindscape/Headland Digital Media   1993 - 1999
Novato, California
Software Project Manager, Contractor, Software Engineer
•    Enhanced user interface and other areas of Chessmaster 6000 and 7000 and Chessmaster Live; wrote custom treeview and listview controls.
•    Adapted FTP download code for Chessmaster Live.
•    Developed and enhanced installation and upgrade scripts and tools.
•    Performed maintenance programming on function libraries for Windows and MS-DOS.
•    Diagnosed and corrected emergency problems.

Scopus Technology   1992 - 1993
Emeryville, California
Consultant, Programmer
•    Ported a large client application from 32-bit SunView to 16-bit Microsoft Windows, working with Motif, Sybaseís DBlib, and Tcl.

Blaise Computing   1985 - 1992
Berkeley, California
Senior Software Engineer
•    Designed, wrote, and maintained large function libraries as products.
•    Designed, wrote, and edited manuals.
•    Provided technical support to customers.


•    MS Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.
•    BA Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara, California.
Phi Beta Kappa; one of three Outstanding Seniors in Mathematics.


Primary strengths — C++, C, Microsoft Visual Studio 6 and 7, MFC, Win32, Win16, Perforce.
Secondary strengths — STL, x86 assembly language, MS-DOS, PVCS.
Other work experience — Tcl, 8080 assembly language, CodeWarrior C++ for MacOS 8, Unix, Fortran, Ratfor, VGA graphics.

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