Blaise Computing Win++ Classes

Here is a list of most of the C++ classes in Win++, a product formerly provided by Blaise Computing Inc. Win++ classes wrap most of the basic Windows 3.x API functions necessary to build a Windows program, and additional services such as DDEML.

I can help you maintain programs that use these functions. See the description of the contract programming services I offer.

Classes in Win++
BCAboutDialog BCList
BCAccelTable BCListBox
BCAdvisorUpdater BCListData
BCApplication BCListNode
BCArcGraphic BCMDIChildWindow
BCArrayList BCMDIClientWindow
BCBitmap BCMDIFrameWindow
BCBitmapData BCMainWindow
BCBitmapGraphic BCMemoryData
BCBoxGraphic BCMemoryDevice
BCBrush BCMenu
BCButtonControl BCMessageDialog
BCCaret BCModalDialog
BCCheckBox BCModelessDialog
BCChildWindow BCModule
BCChordGraphic BCMsgBox
BCCircleGraphic BCMultiStringEdit
BCClientAdviser BCNewDialog
BCClientAdvisor BCObject
BCClientConversation   BCOpenDialog
BCClientManager BCPen
BCClientTransaction BCPieGraphic
BCClipboard BCPolygonGraphic
BCColor BCPolyline
BCComboBox BCPolylineGraphic
BCCommandData BCPopUpWindow
BCCompoundGraphic BCPosition
BCContext BCPrinter
BCControlWindow BCPushButton
BCConversation BCQueueList
BCConversationList BCRadioButton
BCCursor BCRect
BCDDEData BCRectangle
BCDDEEvent BCRenderableData
BCDDEManager BCReplaceDialog
BCDDEString BCSaveAsDialog
BCDDEStringList BCScrollBar
BCDDETimer BCScrollMgr
BCDataObject BCScrollTimer
BCDataUpdater BCServerAdviser
BCDependentData BCServerAdvisor
BCDevice BCServerConversation
BCDeviceCaps BCServerManager
BCDialog BCServiceList
BCDispObject BCServiceName
BCDisplayDevice BCSingleLinkNode
BCDoubleLinkNode BCSingleLinkedList
BCDoubleLinkedList BCSize
BCDrawGraphic BCSizeBox
BCEditControl BCStackList
BCEllipseGraphic BCStaticControl
BCErrorBox BCStaticIcon
BCEvent BCStaticText
BCFile BCString
BCFileData BCStringDialog
BCFileDialog BCStringEdit
BCFileListBox BCSystemMenu
BCFindDialog BCText
BCFloat BCTextData
BCFont BCTextEdit
BCFontInfo BCTextGraphic
BCFontList BCTimerDevice
BCFormat BCTopicList
BCGraphicList BCTopicName
BCGraphicObject BCTransaction
BCGroupBox BCTransactionList
BCHashList BCUndoList
BCHorizScrollBar BCUpdater
BCIcon BCUpdaterList
BCInteger BCVertScrollBar
BCItemData BCWinDisp
BCItemList BCWindow
BCItemName BCWindowClass
BCIterator BCWindowCover
BCLimits BCWindowList
BCLineGraphic BCWindowUpdater

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